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Welcome to David Barszczak Tech Blog

Who am I?

My name is (as the blog suggests) is David Barszczak and I am a tech enthusiast how loves nothing more than tinkering with computers and anything tech-related.

Why am I blogging?

I spend a lot of time learning about new technologies for work and for fun so I thought I might as well create a library of the things I learn in the hope it might help others.

As someone who was largely self-taught, I know how valuable a good source of learning material can be. I guess that this is might way of giving back to all the free resources I used to get where I am today.

What am I blogging about?

I generally play around with all kinds of cool tech which can vary from cool software, electronics, service providers, devices and even new ways of working within the industry.

This could vary from reviews to how-tos and my thoughts on certain topics.

Who is this blog for?

Anyone with an interest in IT & technology. I’ll be covering a variety of topics so if you’re interested in learning then the how-tos might be a help and if you’re just gathering information then the review might be of use.

Get involved

If you’re a just getting started or seasoned professional I’m always looking for new ideas for cool projects or improving the way I do things. Comment on the posts with your ideas, suggestions and improvements so we can all learn together.

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